Business Insider interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Business Insider interview

Business Insider sat down with Daniel and Paul Dano in New York to talk about Swiss Army Man.

Business Insider: Paul, I think you came on the project first, right?
Paul Dano: I got involved about exactly a year before we shot.

BI: And in that time, were the directors [Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan, known as"the Daniels"] trying to find the right actor for Manny, or were they always trying to get Daniel?

Dano: You know, we talked about Daniel very early on and then it was a question of when we were going to make the film and so there was one point where we were going to try to do it earlier but then we decided to wait to work with Daniel's schedule. I don't even remember when you got involved.
Daniel Radcliffe: It must have been at least six months before we started.


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