Salon interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Salon interview

 Daniel talked with Salon about Swiss Army Man.

With this film, have you actively tried to distance yourself from Harry Potter? What appealed to you about playing a farting corpse?
That’s the thing; I’m absolutely not trying to distance myself. It’s in other people’s minds. I have no desire to make people forget about “Harry Potter.” It’s part of my life, and I am proud of it. But I do want to do interesting and different work. I was never going to play Harry forever. This was a chance to do something crazy and different. Part of it was I got to page three where Hank rides Manny across the ocean like a jet ski. If I saw Paul Dano ride someone else, I would have felt I’d really missed out. I was an easy sell on the script. It was funny, well written and fucking ambitious. It was aiming for funny stupid and mad and anarchic and was profound and sweet and moving and incredibly earnest at the same time.


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