More interviews: Imperium possibly in August, Jungle might be heading to Sundance next year - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


More interviews: Imperium possibly in August, Jungle might be heading to Sundance next year

Here's an update regarding two more interviews. First there is the interview from Den of Geek in promotion of Swiss Army Man but also info about Imperium and Jungle:

Imperium might come out in August (in the US I assume):
No, there’s this one and there’s Imperium, which I think is coming out in August. I don’t know what the release is. I don’t know exactly what’s happening with the release of that.
And regarding Jungle, Daniel mentioned Sundance: 
But there was that and then I shot a movie called Jungle, which I think they’re talking about maybe going to Sundance next year, I think is what they want for it, but who knows where it’ll end up, if it’ll be ready by then? But yeah, we’ll see.
And there's more news regarding Jungle: An interview with Alex Russell who talk about working with Daniel on the set. With thanks to Don Groves for sharing his interview with Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.
Russell describes Radcliffe as extremely committed, focused and dedicated, observing, “ For someone who grew up the way he did, there can be an expectation of living in a bubble , in a different reality, but he was so level-headed and kind and very professional.”

Author McLean also agrees with Russell’s praise of Radcliffe. “We cast Dan because he’s an exciting actor who’s committed to doing really challenging parts – this part needed someone who was going to really ‘go there’ in terms of what this real guy went through in his extraordinary survival story, McLean told Forbes. “He’s got to be one of the most professional, prepared, fearless and committed actors I’ve ever worked with.”
I know that I added above that I would list two interviews but here's Thrilllist's interview which you could have missed via Facebook: "Daniel Radcliffe's happiest freaking moments ever".

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