Updated: Google+: Your very own Swiss Army Man - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated: Google+: Your very own Swiss Army Man

An article from the website Birth. Movies. Death. about Swiss Army Man's online marketing game has been shared via Daniel's official Google + page. The game is created by A24 and features a digital Manny doll which you can move and drag around your screen. It is fun to do, you can make him fart too.

Update: 6th June 2016.  A video is added below which tells you what to type.

If you type something Manny replies. For example if you type 'fart', he farts and replies with "My gas is Magic". Or type 'dance' and he says "Stayin' alive". To 'lol' his answer is "I'm laughing on the inside". More of his powers will be revealed if you text 'Buddy' to 25827. You can try it yourself at swissarmyman.com. Oh and you can text Manny also ;)

Here's a screenshot I took:

Your Very Own SWISS ARMY MAN...
Photo: swissarmyman.com

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