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Updated(4): Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano in Swiss Army Man lyric video

Below you find the lyrics music video for Montage a single taken from the Swiss Army Man soundtrack. It was written and performed by Andy Hull and Robert McDowell of Manchester Orchestra and features vocals by Daniel and Paul Dano. They also provided vocal contributions on the recorded version.

Update: 1st June 2016. Daniel about Swiss Army Man and the single via ew.com.
Update: 6th June 2016. Album track list released by Lakeshore records.
Update: 14th June 2016. Soundtrack preview.
Update: 20th June 2016. Featurette called Score.

The Swiss Army Man soundtack will be released digitally on 24th June in the US and physically on 8th July.
“Some people obviously will be like, ‘What the Hell is this?’” says Radcliffe  “But, for every person thinking that, there will be two people who are like, ‘Man, I’ve been waiting years for a movie like this!’”
“Do you know what I honestly think should be nominated [for an Academy Award?]” says the actor. “The soundtrack and the songwriting from the band — Andy and Rob from the band Manchester Orchestra. Obviously, I’m totally biased but I really think that when people hear the ‘Montage’ song that we sing in the movie — I don’t feel that there’s going to be a better original song all year than the one those guys wrote.”

Track list:
1. Intro Song (feat. Paul Dano)
2. Where Did You Come From? (feat. Paul Dano)
3. Cave Ballad (feat. Paul Dano)
4. Hank Drinks
5. History Of The Universe (feat. Daniel Radcliffe)
6. Fetishes (feat. Daniel Radcliffe)
7. When I Think About Mom (feat. Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe)
8. Don’t Overthink Things
9. Loved Back To Life
10. Cotton Eye Joe (feat. Daniel Radcliffe)
11. Jurassic Park (feat. Daniel Radcliffe)
12. Talk To Her (feat. Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe)
13. Love Love (Manny’s Song) (feat. Daniel Radcliffe)
14. Montage (feat. Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe)
15. Underwater
16. River Rocket (feat. Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe)
17. Liar 18. The Big Raccoon 19. Treetops (feat. Daniel Radcliffe)
20. Goodbye / Hello (feat. Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe)
21. Don’t Tell Sarah
22. Run Down The Mountain
23. Finale
24. A Better Way

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