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Daniel Radcliffe takes over Glamour UK's Twitter

Daniel took over Glamour magazine UK's Twitter today for some time to answer questions in promotion of What If. You could send them in by using the hashtag #GlamourDan. If you missed the Q&A and you want to read it all back, I have collected the questions and answers below. Full photo from above.

Dan: Thanks for logging in! I've just been told #GlamourDan is my name!

From @EmilyDanielleX Your career is v. varied now. Which project R U most happy w/? #GlamourDan
Dan says: I loved Kill Your Darlings & What If & Horns

From @RowlingsPhoenix #GlamourDan what was the best thing about filming what if?
Dan says: A job where you get to eat Fool's Gold sandwiches!

From @CityofKlarolife describe "WHAT IF" in one word #GlamourDan
Dan says: One word, really?! Nothing this good can be described in just ONE word!

From @KazooClub Would you be willing to change your appearance drastically for a film? #GlamourDan
Dan says: I would struggle with putting on weight!

From @gee_ger did you enjoy moving into this genre of film? #GlamourDan
Dan says: This is the 1st time I've made a film since HP - to make people happy

From @megankatemelody what learnt from being in the industry so long?
Dan says: Stamina & instincts that you develop when Uv been on set for a while

From @KazooClub choose a song to describe Wallace and Chantry's relationship #GlamourDan Dan says: Never Had Nobody Like You by M. Ward

From @CityofKlarolife: One thing you absolutely don't leave your home without? #GlamourDan
Dan says: My iPod. Definitely - & that's it. Maybe keys, too!

From @healingmachine #GlamourDan You've mentioned wanting to direct. What type of film would you do 1st?
Dan says: 1/2 I'd like to direct black comedy..

From @JenBrazent Have U experienced actor's nightmares? #GlamourDan
Dan says: I don't forget lines but I did fall over in the midst of a dance number!

From @EmilyDanielleX #GlamourDan What has been the highlight of your career to date?
Dan says: Doing 10 yrs on Potter - so proud & a musical on Broadway

From @WeLoveHPJV rituals U do on set or b4 getting into charac? #GlamourDan
Dan says: Always make a playlist for the char but it varies from role 2 role

From @AdamJames4 #GlamourDan what made 'What If' stand out from other films?
Dan says: How it stayed with me. I found it moving. Funny & moving

From @PaulineM_ What is the best advice someone has given U so far? #GlamourDan
Dan says: My dad always said when you meet someone shake their hand

From @WeLoveHPJV Who is a co-star that you would love to work with again? #GlamourDan
Dan says: Dane DeHaan We hopefully have a project coming up

From @CityofKlarolife Your favorite book? #GlamourDan
Dan says: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov & Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut

From @mon_radcliffe Hi Dan, 0 to 10 how fashion do you think you are? #GlamourDan
Dan says: On my own - a 6 maybe! Just on the right side. Press, 7.5/8!

From @Jess_J_ What determines UR interest in a role? #GlamourDan
Dan says: How good the script is, who's directing & really what challenges it presents

From @themapneverlies Did you enjoy filming w/ Zoe Kazan? #GlamourDan
Dan says: Yes! She hates Fool's Gold - it was fun to watch her have to eat it

From @zebuloncarlnder If u not become an actor? What wl u do then? #GlamourDan
Dan says: I'd be an Archaeologist - I used to love watching Time Team!

From @pisces_regina What is your idea of the perfect date? #GlamourDan
Dan says: Just someone who makes me laugh. Dinner and a big shitty action movie!

From @TheTwins89 Complete the following sentence: Happiness is… #GlamourDan
Dan says: It's hard to define... But generally comes wrapped in bacon!

From @Ski_Rex17 #GlamourDan I'd like to meet you; who's the person you'd like to meet?
Dan says: Anyone who's been into space or walked on the moon

From @megankatemelody Who have u been influenced by in ur career? #GlamourDan
Dan says: 1/2 A lot of the actors that I've worked with. Gary Oldman...

From @divergsent are you due to start filming a new project soon? #glamourdan
Dan says: I hope so. It could as early as end of the end of this year

From @megankatemelody Who have u been influenced by in ur career? #GlamourDan
Dan says: 2/2 David Thewlis, Imelda Staunton. And Dane Dehaan. Juno Temple

From @Stargirl169 #GlamourDan If you could portray anyone - alive or dead - in a biopic, who would it be?
Dan says: Iggy Pop!

From @itsmissfran: Aside from your film what films are you hoping 2 see this summer? #GlamourDan
Dan says: interstellar, let's be cops, the one I love

From @LilH_xo: @GlamourMagUK Define yourself in three words Dan! :) #GlamourDan
Dan says: Energetic! Sleepy! Enthusiastic!

Thanks for tweeting along. If anyone wants to go & hassle the person PRETENDING to be me on Twitter - feel free! Enjoy #WhatIf #GlamourDan
Photo: Twitter/Glamour UK

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  1. I like this interview, especially when he define himself, and when he told about the persons who he would meet. Great Dan! :-)


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