Dark magazine interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Dark magazine interview

I mentioned this interview from Dark magazine yesterday on Twitter, but there wasn't a translation. Thanks to snitchseeker.com there is now. Emma and Rupert were also interviewed. This is Dan's part.

If you had the power to change something in you?
Daniel Radcliffe: I'm scared of death! I dread it. I know one day he will come knocking on my door. But if possible ... I want to be conspicuously absent! (laughs). So, I would damn well be invisible. I could escape it better!

If you had to transform into an animal you would be ...
Daniel Radcliffe: A wolf! I love the way the animal moves! It emerges from this beast a sense of power but also a kind of sweetness in her eyes. And as I am rather chilly, the idea of being covered with a thick fur would please me more ...

If you were reborn in the skin of a famous person? It would be ...
Daniel Radcliffe: Bart Simpson! I know it's a cartoon! I am a fan since forever.

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