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Daniel talks with 'Twilight's' Catherine Hardwicke about fame

Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Twilight, has visited the Harry Potter set of Deathly Hallows part 1 during the promotion this year and talked with Daniel about the fame of himself and of his co-star Robert Pattinson.
"We had a really interesting conversation and I was asking, 'How is Rob doing?' And all that and she was saying before Robert had even been cast she went to a reading of the book with Stephanie Meyer," Radcliffe recalls. "And when Meyer said the name, 'Edward Cullen,' the audience went nuts and were screaming and people were so obsessed with that character. So, whoever was going to step into that role was going to have a pretty crazy life for the next few years and I think it's the same with Harry. It doesn't really matter in a way who it is. If you are filling those shoes you are going to get a pretty wild reception." Fans of Pattinson may disagree, but there is some truth to what the 21-year-old Brit believes.  He says screaming fans accost him once or twice a year, but he knows you'd have to "have some mad ego" if you don't realize "this is all a bit weird and crazy."

"I know me and I know I'm not somebody who particularly merits screaming and shouting," Radcliffe says. "There is nothing special about me as opposed to hundreds of thousands of other people out there.  So, the fact that people are shouting and screaming at me, the logical thing is that it must be because of the franchise."

Because Radcliffe has dealt with the attention since he was so young he says "It's just something you get used to."  Still, he knows he's luckier than some other "celebrities."

"It's interesting, me and Rupert [Grint] were at [the Redding Music Festival] one year. We were getting a lot of people coming up to us being really, really nice," Radcliffe says. "And then I saw, like ten rows in front of us, there was a person with a reality show who was not particular well-liked by the audience and was getting a lot of grief from the people around him.  And that's different from being in a pretty globally beloved franchise. It means you have quite a nice place in the minds of most people.  I'm certainly lucky to have gotten so famous for something so well liked."
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