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The trio talks about Christmas traditions has some new interviews with Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel. Where they talked about Christmas traditions.
Daniel Radcliffe has a smaller gathering. “The whole family—it’s only a small group of us, really—get together and that’s it,” said the actor who’s doing musical theater on Broadway next year. “I’m always at home for Christmas. My only holiday wish this time is that England goes to Australia and win The Ashes (a cricket series). I’ll be staying up late quite a lot more to hopefully watch them win.”
“We have a proper log wood fire in my living room that really gets me in the Christmas mood,” “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson said in our chat in London. “And we have mince pies. That’s a very English thing. If you’ve never tried one, mince pies are absolutely delicious. You must have a mince pie.”
Emma added: “We always watch really good Christmas-y films by Richard Curtis like ‘Love Actually,’ ‘Bridget Jones’ and ‘Notting Hill’ or old BBC dramas like ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ I always play Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby’s Christmas album which is great … I curl up with my cats. I’m a cat person.”

Emma observes these traditions at her own place in London which she painted white. “My life is so chaotic and mad, so everything in my apartment is white,” she explained. After the holidays, she goes back to her studies at Brown University and in her dorm where “everything is blue and other calm colors.”

Rupert Grint confessed that he’s a serial shopping procrastinator: “I usually do the shopping at the last minute.” Otherwise, Rupert claims that it’s a pretty conventional Christmas in the Grint household. “We usually have a routine and we’ve stuck to that for the whole of my life,” said the carrot-haired actor who told us they have miniature pet animals at home. “I have a massive family. We just stay at home. It’s good to get everyone together. It’s a good time.”

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