Daniel: "Harry should keep bees" - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Daniel: "Harry should keep bees"

Daniel talked in an interview with Music Rooms (skeedy.com) about the fact that Harry deserves some peace after a hectic school life and suggested the following..
And Daniel thinks his character deserves some peace after a tumultuous life at wizard school Hogwarts, where he was often under the threat of violence.

“At one point in Sherlock Holmes, I remember he retired to the country and started keeping bees. So maybe something really nice and sedate for Harry,” he commented, when asked what the icon should do now.

Daniel also suggested another hobby for Harry, mentioning the wizard’s interest in animals. Ultimately though, the star simply wants his alter ego to be safe from harm. “Maybe he could start bird watching – he loves owls. Just some kind of nice pastime that doesn’t involve him getting shot at,” he said

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