Updated: Daniel's message to fans: Trevor Project PSA - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated: Daniel's message to fans: Trevor Project PSA

Daniel Radcliffe calls out to fans to support The Trevor Project by visiting socialvibe.com, which will help fund The Trevor Lifeline, the nation’s only 24-hour crisis and suicide prevention lifeline for LGBTQ youth. For more information, please go to socialvibe.com/thetrevorproject.
“Finding innovative ways to reach people in the social networking sphere is paramount to the life-saving work of The Trevor Project. Whether it is through online crisis intervention programs like TrevorChat, or harnessing social media through fundraising partners like SocialVibe, we strive to continually enhance our online engagement with individuals,” said Executive Director, Charles Robbins. “Daniel Radcliffe understands the important role that social media plays in the lives of young people, and we are grateful for his support in this project with SocialVibe.”

Daniel J Radcliffe Holland has created an account at SocialVibe:

Daniel J Radcliffe Holland invites you to SocialVibe.com    

Photo: YouTube/The Trevor Project

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