Updated(2): Esquire Spain magazine - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(2): Esquire Spain magazine

Daniel is on the cover of the new Esquire Spain magazine. It has the same photos as Esquire Mexico plus more we have not seen before and ofcourse features an interview. I don't know if it's the same publication as the Mexico edition.

4th April 2020. Interview.
Update: 6th April 2020. Photo via Facebook. Quarantine mood.
Update: 12th March 2022.

A part of it translated by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland (scroll down). For more visit esquire.es.

Would you take the role again in the future?
That is a different question. I honestly don't know if I would. I have had an incredible ten years and I loved it, but I am also very happy with my life now. I've managed to get away from the movies, of which I only have wonderful memories, but I would worry that going back to them would mean changing my life again. Also because surely it would not only be for a single film, which would imply a commitment of several years.

source: esquire.es
Photo: Cesar Balcazar

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