Updated(2): Esquire Spain magazine - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(2): Esquire Spain magazine

Daniel is on the cover of the new Esquire Spain magazine. It has the same photos as Esquire Mexico plus more we have not seen before and ofcourse features an interview. I don't know if it's the same publication as the Mexico edition.

4th April 2020. Interview.
Update: 6th April 2020. Photo via Facebook. Quarantine mood.

A part of it translated by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland (scroll down). For more visit esquire.es.

More photoshoot photos via Daniel Radcliffe Germany:

The interview

What did Harry give Daniel? And Daniel to Harry?
I don't know if Daniel gave something to Harry, but Harry, and when I say Harry I mean not only the character, but everything that involved him, including the movies and the people I worked with, they gave me that great
Start. . , the opportunity to discover and work in this industry that I adore. Although my parents also work in the sector, I don't think that through them I would have felt pushed to work in the cinema. In the past few years, I've kept doing other things while still being proud of Potter. I loved making each of those movies. I think the press thinks I don't want to talk about Potter, but it's not true. What happens is that with the press I also like to talk about other topics. But if someone comes up to me on the street, nine times out of ten it's to talk about Harry Potter. It is an honor to think that I have been an important part of someone's childhood.

Would you take the role again in the future?
That is a different question. I honestly don't know if I would. I have had an incredible ten years and I loved it, but I am also very happy with my life now. I've managed to get away from the movies, of which I only have wonderful memories, but I would worry that going back to them would mean changing my life again. Also because surely it would not only be for a single film, which would imply a commitment of several years.

Did you ever get used to being called Harry instead of Daniel?

Absolutely. For quite some time I would turn around if I heard Harry's name. But there came a time when I said to myself, “I have to stop turning. That's not my name!" [laughs]. During the first three or four years, nobody knew my name. So it was basically Harry. Since that happened at first, I got used to it. And still today I am impressed and flattered when someone knows my real name.

At a very young age you were a great international sensation. At what point did you realize you were famous?
At first we did not give it much importance. We were still kids and our obsession was whether we could watch cartoons or go to sleep late. The first few days we were hired we took the three [main actors] to a London hotel because the paparazzi had previously gone to our houses. That's the first moment as a child that I became aware that he was famous, but at the same time you don't know what it means. Honestly, I didn't feel the impact of fame at first because we spent days rolling. The first times I realized it was at the end of my adolescence, when I started to party. However, it is something that is still crazy when you see your face in an advertisement on the bus ...

Or in an amusement park dedicated to you ...

Now that's crazy! But after a while you stop seeing it, because deep down it's all so crazy that your brain can't process it.

On several occasions you have defended the behaviors of the star children and their tone outs. How does one develop within the bubble of fame?
The most complicated thing is everything that has to do with identity. When you are still young and you are discovering who you are it can be very hard to digest that version that everyone thinks of you. So you wonder if you have to be that or not. Fame is fleeting. I have been famous since I was very young. But I won't always be. It is very dangerous when you are very young and fame becomes part of your identity. If you don't know who you are, when you no longer have it, you will have a problem because the world will no longer be the same for you.

source: esquire.es
picture source: Cesar Balcazar

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