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Guns Akimbo: Giphy and more

More news regarding Guns Akimbo. First off there is a Giphy page from Madman Entertainmant (Australian distributor) which features gifs from Guns Akimbo. I have added a few below.

Then second, there is an interview with Daniel from plus you could have missed

"They were sort of strapped to my forearms and wrists, but I could get my hands and fingers out of the actual guns, so I could still use them if I needed them," Radcliffe tells SYFY WIRE. "I could still take out my phone and send a text in between takes if I was quick enough. But I did also get quite good with the guns, and I'm quite proud of how good I had gotten with them."
Then you also could have missed a promotional clip for the film, watch it below, and a behind the scenes photo shared by Saban Films.

This video is also shared on Facebook.



There also a gif from Gusto Entertainment (NL distributor)

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