Interviews in promotion of Escape from Pretoria - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Interviews in promotion of Escape from Pretoria

A few interviews which have been released recently in promotion of Escape from Pretoria.

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“I think it is a very good time to tell stories about people who used their white privilege to help a cause that was not just about them,”

“Just the fact that I think there is something incredibly impressive about how we all sort of like to think that if we were raised in Nazi Germany or apartheid South Africa that you would be able to see that system for what it was, but in reality very few people do. There were white people in the apartheid South Africa, but it was the vast minority. So it is at least impressive and valuable to tell stories about people who are able to look at the circumstances which surround them with this sort of outside perspective and with a deeply honed moral sense.”
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Why do you feel it was important for the film to play like a thriller?
It is also an incredible prison-break story. It's amazing. They made keys. What's crazy when you talk to Tim, he kind of has an air of, "Well, you know, I just did what anyone would do," and you're just like, "No, no one else would've been able to do this."

You worked with your co-star Ian Hart as a child in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone [as Quirrell]. What was it like working together all these years later?
I think it gave both of us a terrifying sense of the passage of time. It's lovely.

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There were all of these things that would be mundane had they not taken place in a prison. How did you keep that stress level up while you were filming?

I think it was a sense of, I don't know, really thinking, how much sound would you make? Feeling the weight of every movement. Knowing that basically any movement, I think just remember that any sort of sound could be the thing that will reveal you. Just playing with the constant state of tension that they all would be in. You do sort of move slightly slower, until you have to f****** move much faster. You're right. It was really that. Also, we can't take entirely all of the credit. The way that Francis and the editor edited those sequences and shot them were really fantastic.

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