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Update: Daniel Radcliffe on 2 Dope Queens

Daniel was a surprise guest on the HBO 2 Dope Queens special which aired yesterday. The show's second series was taped at the Kings Theatre in New York back in 2018. The episode is called Nostalgia. You can watch the full episode on HBO, Amazon Prime Video, DirecTV or Hulu.

Update: 3rd March 2019. A backstage photo shared by Marcella Arguello.

Watch a Harry Potter related clip:

Full Show. Daniel at 21:15

source: hbo.com
picture source: Michelle K. Short


  1. Where can I watch the Full Thing?

    1. HBO or Hulu. https://www.hulu.com/series/2-dope-queens-b4530e69-5086-46c9-8e9d-6e1a41602249


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