GQ magazine: Actually Me with Daniel Radcliffe

GQ magazine has uploaded a new video on YouTube from their Actually Me series in which Daniel goes undercover on the internet and responds to comments from Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Wikipedia, YouTube, and more. Interesting is that the Instagram account daniel9340 is featured in the video. The info on the page recently changed, adding "Fan page for the actor Daniel Radcliffe". That's good because people did think it was really him.

He used this e-mail address to create the accounts: 😆
Reddit: Actuallydanielrad
Twitter: actuallydanielr. (I wish I knew that he was there)
IMDb: actuallydanielradcliffe
Quora: Daniel Radcliffe
YouTube: Daniel Radcliffe

One of the subjects: Spider-Man. Or let's say spideradcliffe.

*ICYMI: Daniel only has a Google+ page*

The posts as far as I could find them online.
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14 June 2011
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