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Den of Geek interview

Den of Geek interview in promotion of Miracle Workers.

Regarding Miracle Workers:
“I suppose it does seem to me as much a story of rediscovering why life is worth living and worth saving despite the fact that none of us, you know, no one asks to be born. But despite all of that, despite how crazy the world is, you would still rather have existed than not,”.

I tell Radcliffe that that sounds like that one kind of famous quote from Rick and Morty that I can never remember in full. Radcliffe, however, does.
“Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, and everybody’s going to die. Come watch TV,” Radcliffe says, reciting perfectly Morty Smith’s atypical pep talk to his sister in “Rixty Minutes.”
“cheerful pessimism.":
“When something that you feel deeply is genuinely being communicated through this show, it's just a really exciting thing. That kind of cheerful pessimism is, I think, very much how I see the world as well,”
Heaven Inc. is made up of departments for…well, everything as in: Department of Dirt, Department of Genitals, etc. If you were given a Department to head, what would it be?
Radcliffe: Department of Wolves. Fucking love wolves. I would, I feel like they do a lot of the work for themselves, I wouldn't really have to run them. It would mainly just be about making sure genetics keep getting passed down and then sort of the pack just runs itself.

Last quote:
"When we were talking early on, we talked about the respect and the esteem we hold people in who do get up every morning and say I'm going to change the world," Radcliffe says. "For me, part of my brain goes' that ship has probably sailed, right?' All we can do is make each other's lives better along the way as much as we can."

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