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Yahoo! Entertainment interview

A new interview regarding Daniel as executive producer on Circus Kid. The documentary film premiered yesterday exclusively on Sundance Now (US). Miracle Workers is also mentioned (in which he plays an angel but he is also an executive producer for that project).

Circus Now
is fantastic. It left me wanting to know even more about the Pisoni family.

Oh, good, that’s great! We’ll do a sequel.

You worked with Lorenzo in Equus on Broadway. Is that when you became friends and heard his story for the first time?
Yes, we worked together [on Equus], and I was 19 at the time, and just thought he was the coolest person I had ever met. And he’s cool without trying to be. He’s just a lovely human being, but he’s also extraordinarily talented. He thought on Equus that he was going to be getting, for the first time in his career on Broadway, his own dressing room. And that would have been really nice for him. But, unfortunately, he had a 19-year-old groupie call me, who just, like, invaded his dressing room for the duration of the run. We became very, very good friends. And he’s somebody that helped me; he helped me on that show, but he helped me in my personal life too. He’s been somebody that I’ve often gone to, to talk through things and help keep my sanity. And I like to think that I’ve sort of been a useful sounding board for him at times throughout the years. But also, professionally, he’s somebody that, because he’s obviously, as you’ve seen, somebody so extraordinarily talented physically, whenever I’ve been doing parts that require a sort of physical element to them — the two I’m thinking of are Victor Frankenstein and Swiss Army Man — he was somebody that I would go to to work through ideas with, because I know I don’t mind making a total fool of myself in front of him.


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