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Daniel Radcliffe's holiday book suggestion

MarketWatch asked a number of notables the following question: What book do you like to recommend or give as gifts to friends and family over the holidays? And yes, Daniel also answered their question.

Daniel Radcliffe, star of “Jungle”:
“The one book that I have to recommend to everybody at the moment because it’s changing a lot of how I see things, frankly, is a book called ‘Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong and the New Research That’s Rewriting the Story’ by Angela Saini. I feel like you’ll read it and probably buy it for a lot of other people because that’s what I’ve been doing with it. My friend Jesse, who is a female physicist, bought it for me. It’s basically about scientists all the way back to Darwin. A lot of the research that has been done into and about women has been filtered through a very male, sometimes deliberately, sometimes not deliberately, sexist filter of biases. We like to think of science as being above bias but of course it’s not because it’s just human beings. It’s an amazing story of this research and what the information itself is, but it’s also the story of how scientific research is done, how it gets published, how it gets to be in the newspaper. It’s just a fascinating look at that world and I can’t recommend it enough.”
source: marketwatch.com

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