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Collider's interview with Daniel Radcliffe

The documentary film Circus Kid is available exclusively on Sundance Now in the US starting today, 21st December. Below you can read Collider's interview with producer Jennifer Westeldt and Daniel, who's executive producer together with Karen Lehner.

Collider:  How did you get involved with Circus Kid?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Lorenzo and I first worked together when I did Equus in New York. I think it was the first Broadway show in which he had ever had it in his contract that he would have his own dressing room, which is always a nice thing for an actor. And then, he didn’t get to enjoy that because I invaded his dressing room for basically the entire run. I just thought he was amazing and I wanted to hang out, so he had me, as a 19-year-old groupie going, “Tell me more stories about the circus!


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