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Fox News interview with Daniel Radcliffe

Fox News talked with Daniel about his role as executive producer of the documentary film Circus Kid. It captures the real-life tale of Lorenzo Pisoni’s unique childhood with The Pickle Family Circus. Circus Kid available exclusively on Sundance Now (US), starting today.
“We became very good friends,” Radcliffe told Fox News. “I started learning about his life… and then I became the most annoying [person]… Like, ‘Oh, you were in the circus?! Can you juggle?’ It was annoying I’m sure, but he was very sweet and humored me."
How the spotlight had impacted them over the years:
“I think I'd be hard-pressed to find parallels in our families and how we dealt with it all,” explained Radcliffe. “Lorenzo’s parents are separated. I’m very lucky my parents are still together and are a wonderful team. And Lorenzo went off on his own for a lot of his childhood. I was generally chaperoned by one or the other of my parents… But it all just made sense.

When you’re living in a life where there really isn’t a blueprint for it, there’s nobody you can look to, there wasn’t a family my parents can go and say, ‘OK, so what’s it like when your kid gets involved in a massive franchise?’ You just have to go, ‘Let’s do this ourselves.’… I certainly wouldn’t change anything about my life or how I grew up because it made me the person that I am. I’m actually becoming more and more OK with that person.”

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