ZFF 2016: Gay.ch interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


ZFF 2016: Gay.ch interview

More news: gay.ch also asked Daniel a few questions during the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) in promotion of Swiss Army Man.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

gay.ch: In the movie, the two characters kiss. I feel like the two characters fell in love ...
Daniel Radcliffe: Yeah, totally ...

... and I also understand the message "Love is Love" ...

Yes ... It's about love, but I think it's not about gay or straight love. It's all about love. I find it affectionate that in a movie two - I suppose both are heterosexuals, even though I'm actually dead - that two heterosexuals are kissing, a romantic, underwater! Actually, they almost kissed each other at the party ... It's really a beautiful scene, as Paul dives deep into the river and wants to give me another kiss, give me this experience before I die ... And then he suddenly notices that he can use me as an oxygen tank. That's great! I agree with you, it is always about "love is love".

Did you shoot this scene in the river as you see it in the movie?

No, thankfully not ... She was shot dead in California in a pool. Even as we drove to the set and we saw this huge villa, we thought "wow!" ... and then we stood in front of this huge hi-tech pool, where you can adjust the height from the ground. We were glad that the scenes were filmed there. The scenes in the water are always very exhausting and, above all, slow. So it was nice to be able to turn a swimming pool with warm water instead of a cold river.

The end of the film leaves a lot to be desired ... A sequel is a possibility ...

Oh, I would like that. I would play Manny again at any time if the directors Daniel and Daniel decided in a few years to make a sequel, even though Manny might be older then.

source: gay.ch

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