Daniel: "I'm afraid of not being able to be on film sets for the rest of my life" - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Daniel: "I'm afraid of not being able to be on film sets for the rest of my life"

Below you find two interviews you could have missed in promotion of Swiss Army Man and Imperium. Both films are out in UK cinemas now. Thanks to AskMen UK and BBC Three for the Twitter mention.

Then you also could have missed InStyle UK's article "11 times Daniel Radcliffe was a totally stellar guy", thanks InStyle.

AskMen UK - full interview here

What are you afraid of?

Not being able to be on film sets for the rest of my life – if somebody turns up tomorrow morning and says “Oh, I’m sorry, you’ll never be able to act again, we’re taking your career away from you.” I know it’s not a rational fear, but just that general fear of, I guess, failure and not being able to do the thing that I love doing. I think it’s a broader fear that a lot of actors have when everyone’s like, “Oh my god, I’m going to get found out and then no one’s going to put me in things, and then I’ll never be able to do the things that I love.”

When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday, watching the Brownlee brothers chuck each other over the line – that ended me, I was in bits. To me, that’s everything that’s most exciting about sport, those moments when you see these amazingly talented people that we tend to view almost as being separate species, because they’re physically so different from the rest of us, suddenly looking so incredibly human but still extraordinary. I was a wreck.

BBC Three - full interview here.

Hi, Dan. In Imperium, you play an FBI agent who infiltrates a radical white supremacy terrorist group. In Swiss Army Man, you play a dead body who washes up on shore. Um, aren’t you tired of getting so typecast? [Laughing] Yeah. It’s a real issue. I think weird begets weird. The more interesting stuff I do, the more interesting scripts I get sent. But, I’m just very lucky that people give me these opportunities to do these weird, different things.

You shave your head in Imperium and get your notably hairy arse out in Swiss Army Man…

[Thinking]… Right, yes. Or is it the other way round…?

Would you have rather grown your hair and shaved your bum?

Ha. No. I’ve shown my arse so much,* I really don’t care any more. I really enjoyed the shaved head. It was fucking great. Everyone should do it once, to see how easy it is.

source: uk.askmen.com, bbc.co.uk/bbcthree

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