Updated(4): Sharp magazine photoshoot (Canada) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(4): Sharp magazine photoshoot (Canada)

Sharp magazine, Canada's magazine for Men, did post a photo online taken during TIFF in September. Photographer Matthew Lyn now posted photos from his shoot with Daniel online.  The cover.

Update: 28th October 2013. Behind the scenes video & interview via Sharp's website: Daniel Radcliffe's Dark Side.
Update: 6th October 2015. Outtakes and this behind the scenes photo.
Update: 10th May 2017. A photo via Matthew Lyn's Facebook page.
Update: 11th September 2019. Another photo via Matthew Lyn's Facebook page.

One of the most talented actors I have had a pleasure of working with Mr. Daniel Radcliffe (and me) after our shoot.
Photo: Matthew Lyn

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