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Updated: Daniel Radcliffe featured on the cover of The NY Times magazine

Daniel is featured in the upcoming The New York Times magazine this Sunday, 6th October 2013. An (8 pages!) article has already been published online (a version of this article will appear in the magazine). Read a bit from that below and follow the link for more. Daniel was profiled when he was at the Venice Film Festival promoting Kill Your Darlings last month.

Update: 13th October 2013. Check also The Non-Paparazzi View of Daniel Radcliffe from The New York Times for more great photos by Luca Locatelli.

At 17, Radcliffe moved out on his own, something he had been wanting to do for a long time. “Because of the life I’ve had, I’d grown up quicker than most people,” he said. “I felt like I was entitled.” He was also tired of being watched. “I can be honest about this now, because I know my parents know — but I wanted to smoke,” he said. “I was hiding it like a fiend.”

Looking back, he thinks he was too young to have been on his own. “Because when I was unhappy in any way, it made it too easy for me to hide it,” he told me one afternoon over lunch in the New York’s West Village. “I’d done ‘Equus,’ which had gone so well,” he said, “but I still couldn’t get rid of that committee of voices in my head saying that you’re going to fail.”

He continued: “I think there was a part in the back of my head that was going: This is all going to end. And you’re going to be left in this nice apartment. Just living here. And being reminded of what you did in your teenage years for the rest of your life.”
New York Times Magazine/Luca Lucatelli
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source: nytimes.com
picture source (cover): Richard Burbridge for The New York Times

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