Kill Your Darlings - Venice Film Festival, Giffoni Film Festival, Italy - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Kill Your Darlings - Venice Film Festival, Giffoni Film Festival, Italy

Kill Your Darlings will come out in Italy on 26th September 2013 with the title “Giovani Ribelli” which means "Young Rebels". I already posted yesterday on Facebook that the news was released by during Cinè 2013 (Italian Film distributors event held in Riccione, Italy) that Kill Your Darlings will be at the Venice Film Festival 2013. (26th September?) Not confirmed for 100% yet, but it was mentioned. So that's good news.
"This will be an important Festival scheduled between late August and early September ...,"
Roberto Proia, CEO of Notorious

Then there was also a special video message from Daniel, in which he announced the first trailer of Kill Your Darlings. It hopefully will be released online soon, and if it is, you ofcourse will hear it here.

A surprise video message to the public in Riccione (Italy) from Daniel Radcliffe. He premiered the first trailer of Kill Your Darlings.
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Then news about the Giffoni Film Festival. (which is the largest children's film festival in Europe, and possibly the World. It takes place in the little Italian town of Giffoni) They will show a teaser preview of Kill Your Darlings on 21st July 2013

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  1. Wonderful! but i don't think that Dan will be in Venice, he has Cripple of Inishmaan in theatre until 31 august... perhaps, after this date he will arrive? (Thank you for this news, you're fantastic as the same!! :-D )

  2. yes true Carlotta, you are right. Well I didn't said he will be there ;)He might not be at the festival at all, but if he will go it indeed will be after The Cripple of Inishmaan, but then we also don't know exactly when he starts filming Frankenstein.


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