Updated(2): Daniel Radcliffe to present Kill Your Darlings at the Venice Film festival - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(2): Daniel Radcliffe to present Kill Your Darlings at the Venice Film festival

It wasn't officially confirmed when I posted about it on 4th July, Daniel will be in Venice. Notorious Pictures announced (news via badtaste.it) that Daniel Radcliffe and director John Krokidas will present Kill Your Darlings (Giovani Ribelli) on 1st September 2013, time:16:30, local time, followed by a Q&A, at the Venice Film Festival (Venice Days). There will be a press conference and official screening.

Kill Your Darlings is a part of the official selection of films during the 10 days (28th August -7th September 2013) of the Film Festival. Others are Alienation,  La belle vie, Bethlehem, Gerontohilia, Khawana,  Koksuz,  May in the Summer, la mia classe, La reconstruccion, Rigor Mortis & Siddharth.

Update: 3rd August 2013. Venice-days.com uploaded a short teaser trailer of Kill Your Darlings. I also did post the link on Facebook.

Update: 26th August 2013. Daniel will also attend a meet and greet session during the festival in Venice which will take place 2nd September 2013.15:00, local time at the Italian department Store Coin (Cannaregio 5787) in Venice.

source: badtaste.it, cineblog.it, Notorious Pictures (and thanks to Valentina for the tip)

Oh and Kill Your Darlings is also lined up for the Toronto International Film Festival... (5-15th September 2013)


  1. I can't go to Venice Film Festival (:-( no money at all...) so please, be my eyes and my ears!! ;-)

  2. well Carlotta hopefully we will be able to follow a lot of the news online ;)

  3. The update of 26th august make me really CRY, and bite my hands!!! Oh, why I don't live in Veniceee?!?!! Miseriaccia!!


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