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Updated: Horns to premiere at Toronto Film Festival

Some of you may already know this (maybe also because of the tweet from Joey McFarland we re-tweeted a few days ago) but it's now announced by TIFF: Horns will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (sometime between 5-15th September 2013). This will be the second film from Dan at the Festival.

Horns will be a part of TIFF's Vanguard program which "takes audiences on a sensory rollercoaster ride with bo undary - pushing international works that are bold and bodacious". The full schedule of the program will be announced 20th August 2013.
Horns, a supernatural thriller driven by dark comedy, mystery and romance follows Ignatius Perrish as he awakens after a hard night of drinking to find he has grown a pair of horns. In addition to his devilish appearance, the horns cause people to fall into a trance and voice their most unspeakable thoughts, an effective tool in Ig’s quest to discover the truth of his girlfriend's murder. Starring Juno Temple and Daniel Radcliffe
Update: 1st August 2013. The premiere will be on 6th September at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

source: tiff.net, JoeyMcFarland

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  1. I'm reading the book from which is taken "Horns". I hope that someday this film will come here in Italy too! You don't know anything about? Thanks!


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