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Esquire UK: What I've Learned | Daniel Radcliffe

Esquire UK posted a new interview with Daniel online called "What I've Learned". And with that they also mentioned that Kill Your Darlings will be coming out in November in the UK (no exact date is released yet, if it's out you will hear it)

Check here to view Esquire's photoshoot with Daniel from last year.
Talking about drinking on the set of Potter was a mistake. I thought if I could narrow the gap between the perception of me and the reality, the better things would be. Actually it just gave the media more to speculate with.

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  1. "how you feel about your own work is the real way to measure it."
    I agree completely with this! Curious that he love archaeology, I love it too! Reading all this things make me feel very near to him, for tastes and ideas. Good!


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