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tz interview

Tz's Ann-Catherin Karg interview with Daniel in Munich (München, Germany) during the press junket for The Woman in Black (Die Frau in Schwarz).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Why did you choose a horror movie as the first movie after Harry Potter?
Daniel Radcliffe: I think it's a very good step away from Potter.
I look very different in that, and the movie is just great. The story is very captivating - even for people who go to the movies and say: What's Harry Potter doing now? That's the attitude they bring, I know that and understand it. But after ten minutes you forgot that.

What are you personally afraid of?
Radcliffe: I do not really have many phobias.
What I really hate is cockroaches. Otherwise it's more like abstract things like failure.

Are you worried that you can not keep the success of Harry Potter?
Radcliffe: Not really.
I have already played in other films. December Boys was a small independent movie from America that nobody saw, and that's okay, that's the way it works sometimes. Equus (a play on London's West End) did a great job for me, and people reacted positively, it was a success. I just hope that's going on with this movie.

Harry Potter has made you incredibly rich, last year your fortune was estimated at around 80 million Euros. What's the coolest thing you've bought from it?
Radcliffe: I was not nearly as extravagant as Rupert Grint.
Rupert built his dream house in the countryside, I think he lives there with his family. I do not know how many animals he has exactly, but he has cats, dogs, peacocks, hedgehogs, pigs, donkeys, horses and 14 llamas. He also bought an ice cream truck. It's so boring with me. My mother invested the money, it is now somewhere and multiplied by itself. The only thing I bought are pictures. Some pictures.

Some time ago you once said that you have a drinking problem ...
Radcliffe: Yes, I saw that I had a problem.
And now I'm done with it.

When did you last googled?

Radcliffe: I pretty much Google, but I'm not pushing Enter. I would like to see the recommendations. Right now, the first four are Daniel Radcliffe Twitter, Daniel Radcliffe Gay, Daniel Radcliffe Alcoholics and Daniel Radcliffe imdb. But I'm not gay and I do not have a Twitter account.

Why not?
Radcliffe: I think Twitter is pretty dangerous for actors.
It is often used for advertising, but when you engage with your fans in a personal dialogue and tell them what you do 24 hours a day, they think that will always be the case. You can not just say that anymore: Stop it, I also have a right to privacy.

Can you go to the supermarket as usual?
Radcliffe: I really can.
I'm pretty small, just put on my hood and keep my face down, nobody will look twice. And when I'm traveling with my girlfriend, it looks like she's my reference person. The only thing that kills you out there is eye contact. I just keep my head down and follow her feet.

You've been with your girlfriend Rosie Coker for a while, do you think you have kids?
Radcliffe: I can not wait to become a dad.
I am not sure when it will happen, certainly not immediately, but I am looking forward to it. When I made Harry Potter, there was this friend of mine, a 35-year-old carefree bachelor. And now he has three children. Well, the first one was an accident, but he was never happier. This transformation he has undergone is inspiring. So yes, I am looking forward to children. I think my kids are going to be a little crazy, that will be fun.


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