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Cunning Stunts podcast

Former Stunt performer David Holmes has started a podcast series named Cunning Stunts to highlight and pay tribute to the amazing work that stunt coordinators and performers do whilst on set. Back in 2009, at the age of 25 David was left paralysed after an accident on set whilst rehearsing a stunt for the final movie. He was the stunt double for Daniel in the Harry Potter series.

Daniel occasionally joined most of the episodes (recorded in 2017/2019). You can listen via iTunes or below. (Start: 24th May 2020 - End: 20th March 2021).
One quick note, the voice you will hear occasionally is Dan Radcliffe, one of my best friends and acting double on the Harry Potter films. He’s been sitting in on some of these interviews.

Photos from episode 1 (via Facebook)

Photo episode 4

Photo episode 11

Stunt double on Harry Potter

Photo episode 13

Photo episode 14

Photo episode 15

Photo episode 17

Photo episode 20

Photo episode 21

Photo episode 33 - Victor Frankenstein



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