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More Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt interviews

More promotional interviews for the Netflix Special Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend.

Bustle - How Kimmy and Frederick met

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The Wrap - Daniel wants you to play it through as if you’re “the worst human being possible.”

“We shot a lot of dead ends and bad endings,” Radcliffe told TheWrap. “But basically, [creators Robert Carlock and Tina Fey] laid out that they were going to have these paths and they diverge based on what wedding dress you pick for Kimmy. But after that it kind of goes down to the choices you think the characters should make as moral, good people. That’s why I think a perfect way to play it through a couple of times is to play it once as if you are the worst human being possible and want to make us do terrible things and make terrible things happen to us and see how far you get like that. And then play it through once making every kind of moral, model answer. And that should get you to the two main endings.”

“The idea the audience will be punished and rerouted when they make the characters do things they know they shouldn’t is such a weird, playful idea. I cannot begin to imagine how you write something like this, unless you had loads of time to think about it. But I’m so glad they did and I got to come in and play around.”
Kimmy and Frederick a perfect fit
“They are like weirdly linked imaginatively,” Radcliffe told us of Kimmy and Fredrick. “I love the idea that Fredrick is the only other person that can see and talk to Jan the Backpack. They had very, very different upbringings, but there are things about them that make sense.”
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Inquirer - Coronavirus: On what he is watching while self-isolating

“The thing that has been bringing me most to tears of joy has been ‘Schitt’s Creek’ on Netflix. It’s just joyous, particularly the first two seasons are great. But from Season 3 onward, I was basically crying at the end of every episode.”

In response to our question, Daniel replied, “If I had a magic wand, it’s a pretty obvious answer to say that I would just rid the world of coronavirus.”

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Entertainment Tonight (ET) - Daniel has no worries about making a few jokes at their expense.

“They’re busy enough without having to worry about what impression I’m leaving of them on a Netflix special,” he says. “Coming from England, I’m somebody who as much as I don’t dislike any of the royals, I don’t have any, you know, antipathy towards them or feel strongly personally about any of them.” 

“I feel like it is quite ripe pickings for comedy in there,” he muses, adding that Prince Frederick was a “fun role to play.”

“Hopefully that’s one of the things that’ll be cool for people who are watching.To go down the different routes and experiment with controlling what ends up happening.” 
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IMDb - What's it like on set with Daniel Radcliffe?
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