Newsweek interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Newsweek interview

Newsweek has published their interview with Daniel in promotion of Jungle. Read more here.

I recently watched Jungle. To be honest, I'm glad you're OK after going through that filming experience.
Um, yeah [laughs]. Thank you.

It looks like it was terrifying.
It was a tough shoot. And it should have been a tough shoot. In the middle of Jungle, we had a week off between filming in Colombia and filming in Australia. I did an interview in that time in person. A few months later, I saw an article that had been written about it. It starts off by saying, "Daniel Radcliffe. Looks. Awful." I went, "What!" I was meeting this interviewer halfway through the film. I had lost loads of weight and I had a thick beard. I did not look like a well person!


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