Forbes magazine interview (US) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Forbes magazine interview (US)

Daniel talked with Forbes magazine in promotion of Jungle which will be released soon. But not only Jungle was a subject, he also talked about Star Wars (why we won't see him in it), new projects and more. Read more at

Post-Harry Potter you've done some very interesting films with varying degrees of box office success but which do you think is most underrated or perhaps underappreciated?

DR: Probably Horns, I loved that movie and I feel like that's one that a lot of people were just like, 'What the hell?' but it all made total sense to me. It has really found its slightly cult audience which is always what I had hoped for it. I do get people coming up to me often, heavily tattooed and cool looking people, who say, 'Hey man, I loved Horns' and that means a lot. To be honest, I don't sit back and go, 'Oh, I wish that one had done better or more people had seen that.' A lot of people do judge the success of a film on what it does on opening weekend at the box office and, while that is important and needs to be taken into account, films do find a life beyond that. With Imperium, when that came out originally it did alright and was very well reviewed but then it came out on iTunes or Netflix last year. I was doing a play at the time and suddenly a number of people were talking to me about it and coming to stage door and every night they were talking about Imperium and I was like, 'Why is everyone mentioning this all of a sudden?' As long as a film finds its audience it sort of doesn't matter to me exactly when it happens.

There is the running joke that every actor in the UK got to star in the Harry Potter movies over the years or a Star Wars movie. When are we going to see Daniel Radcliffe appear in a Star Wars movie? Has that come up at all?

DR: I'm sure probably not but I don't know, it's not come up. I certainly wouldn't be averse to it but I would also be surprised. I would be surprised if they would want that to happen. Most of the time, if a director says, 'Oh, I don't want him in this because he played Harry Potter,' I don't think that's a good reason not to cast me in something but when the thing you are essentially casting somebody in is another massive franchise, I think to have somebody that is very recognized from another franchise might be weird and distracting like we were doing some weird Harry Potter and Star Wars crossover movie.


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