Daniel signs lawnmower while filming Jungle in Australia

Daniel signed a lawnmower while he was in Australia filming Jungle. John Muccignat had the idea of letting Daniel sign his lawnmower when the crew was filming on his neighbours’ Tamborine Mountain property for a week, early last year.
“Daniel was such a good bloke, he said it was the first time he’d ever been asked to sign a mower, he thought it was a bit funny.”

“They were here for seven days filming on the neighbours’ property and the only way to access the site was through our property,” he said.

“My wife and kids went down to the set one day and it just so happened that he (Radcliffe) wasn’t filming that day so he sat down with them and had a chat for a good half-hour or so.

“The next day I bought a good permanent marker on the way home because I knew what I wanted him to sign.”

Daniel took time out of his schedule in between takes to sign the mower.
“He said ‘I’ve never been asked to sign one of these before’ and if you didn’t know who he was you’d think he was a regular bloke,” he said.

”His bouncers kept saying he had to go but he said ‘no’ and took a photo with us as well.

“I still use the mower in the garden, but the writing has started to fade a bit.”
source: goldcoastbulletin.com.au


  1. Great job!
    So nice of you

  2. Everything is not what it seems
    Everything is not what we think


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