Updated: Horns: A new clip, soundtrack preview and more - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated: Horns: A new clip, soundtrack preview and more

First off, The Telegraph has released an exclusive clip from Horns. Then there's also news you could have missed via Facebook: In the US, Horns is available on demand (pre-theatrical release, also mentioned on Daniel's official Google+ page) plus there's also a soundtrack preview released by Lakeshore Records. And back in July Red Granite Pictures shared the Horns Facebook page with Daniel J Radcliffe Holland on Facebook.

Currently there are two Horns competitions running on Facebook: For the UK there's the "Confess to the Devil" competition, and there's one for French fans.

15th October 2014. Besides the score by Rob, Lakeshore Records also releases a Horns soundtrack album which features songs by David Bowie, The Pixies, Eels and Marilyn Manson. Find more info on Facebook.

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  1. Sometimes the soundtrack is sad, melanchonical, but it's the right mood of the book. Oh, how I desire to see this film!...


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