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Daniel Radcliffe takes over MTV UK's Twitter

Today Daniel took over MTV UK's Twitter in promotion of Horns. You could send in questions with the hashtag #MTVaskDanRadcliffe. If you missed the Q&A, don't worry. I have collected the tweets, read them below.

Hello everybody on MTV Twitter, I'm here and read to answer you!! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @chelseadavies97 @MTVUK #MTVaskDanRadcliffe is there any character in the world you'd love to play?
Dan says: If there was an Iggy Pop biopic, I'd quite fancy that! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @zonkobrien How was your first day on set of Horns? @MTVUK #MTVaskDanRadcliffe
Dan says: It was great, we got off to a really intense start! I in love with the #HORNS immediately! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

@silieilis @MTVUK To Daniel: I want to become an actress but I don't know how. Any tips? #MTVaskDanRadcliffe
Dan says: Watch as many films & see as many plays as you can & get involved with any drama groups that you can! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @gorgosprizza @MTVUK #MTVaskDanRadcliffe your next projects?
Dan says: I recently finished filming Frankenstein with James Mcavoy & that comes out next year! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @gorgosprizza @MTVUK #MTVaskDanRadcliffe favourite subject at school?
Dan says: probably English Lit or History! I still love them both! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @gorgosprizza @MTVUK #MTVaskDanRadcliffe what is the thing you can't live without?
Dan says: Oxygen! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @zonkobrien How was the makeup process in Horns? @MTVUK #MTVaskDanRadcliffe
Dan says: Much nicer than I thought it would have been. #HORNS only took 20 mins to put on! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @iamsyaz_  #MTVaskDanRadcliffe are u making ur character in Horns be ur halloween costume?
Dan says: Yep, I'm actually trying too! I'm seeing if I can get the make-up artist to do me up for Halloween! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @wesleyski @MTVUK #MTVaskDanRadcliffe how do you yourself in ten years? Love from France -Héloïse
Dan says: Still acting & hopefully directing by then as well! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @AdamJames4 @MTVUK #MTVaskDanRadcliffe why did you choose to do Horns, what made it stand out?
Dan says: I hadn't read anything else like it! It was funny, very dark & romantic & that's a rare combo! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @PaulineM_ @MTVUK I'm sick as hell and I'm staying at home today. Do you have some movies to advise me? x 
Dan says: It Happened One Night, Reservoir Dogs, The One I Love! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @AdamJames4 @MTVUK #MTVaskDanRadcliffe did you have a different experience filming this compared to other films?
Dan says:
I'm lucky, as I've enjoyed all my jobs, but the highlights on this was working with Alex Aja & Juno! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @PaulineM_ @MTVUK What's your favorite book quote ? #MTVaskDanRadcliffe
Dan says: Manuscripts don't burn from The Master & Margarita! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @PaulineM_ @MTVUK If you could be Spider-Man for a day, what's the first thing you'd do? #MTVaskDanRadcliffe
Dan says: I would swing around the London skyline. I'd probably start by climbing the Gherkin! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @iamximee @MTVUK What could be your next challenge as an actor? #MTVaskDanRadcliffe
Dan says: It's impossible to say but I'll look forward to it. #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

@AndresDaToro #MTVaskDanRadcliffe What is your favorite singer and band? Greetings from Colombia.
Dan says: Top 3 are Sex Pistols, Pixies & The Libertines! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

@gryffinfour #MTVaskDanRadcliffe favourite food?
Dan says: Bacon cheesburger, followed by Sushi but not together! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @Radcliffe4_Ever @MTVUK #MTVaskDanRadcliffe Will you EVER be joining Twitter?!
Dan says: Maybe... #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From@annabethrun @MTVUK #MTVaskDanRadcliffe how did you prepare for horns?
Dan says: Learning the accent, using music to prepare. I made a very long playlist for this character! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @IamAlexPrince What has life been like since the Harry Potter days? @MTVUK #MTVaskDanRadcliffe
Dan says:
Good & busy which is great. It's been really exciting working with so many new Actors & crews. #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @feeIs4sterek @MTVUK #MTVaskDanRadcliffe What is your greatest weakness; your greatest strength?
Dan says: Greatest weakness is my cooking & my greatest strength is my energy. #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From @StineOmdahl What's your favorite movie of all time? #MTVaskDanRadcliffe
Dan says:
12 Angry Men, if I have to pick 1. #MTVaskDanRadcliffe

From ‏@sheriffswans @MTVUK do you have a bucket list? what's the first thing on it? #MTVaskDanRadcliffe
Dan says:  I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights & if space travel becomes easier I would totally go to space!

Goodbye MTV Twitter, it's been real! Go see #HORNS, I know you're going to love it - Dan! #MTVaskDanRadcliffe
Photo: Twitter/MTV UK

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  1. "why did you choose to do Horns, what made it stand out?
    Dan says: I hadn't read anything else like it! It was funny, very dark & romantic & that's a rare combo!"
    I agree completely: it's a very strange and good book


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