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Daniel Radcliffe takes over Lionsgate UK's Twitter

Another Twitter take over by Daniel which took place today. This time via Lionsgate UK's Twitter account in promotion of Horns at Twitter UK. You could send in questions with the hashtag #AskRadcliffe. If you missed the Q&A, I have collected the questions and answers below.

[tweet with photo] Daniel Radcliffe has arrived at @TwitterUK for #AskRadcliffe. Looking forward to seeing your questions! #HornsMovie
@LionsgateUK Do you think you'd like to direct a film someday? X #AskRadcliffe
Dan says: Hi @PhoenixHogwarts Yes, definitely. In fact i've written a script which is a very dark comedy. Hopefully i'll get to make it one day.

What is the weirdest thing that happened to you making the film #Horns ? #AskRadcliffe @LionsgateUK Greetings from #Venezuela!
Dan says: Hi @jesusgonzalezx I accidentally drank anti-freeze. #LongStory

@LionsgateUK #AskRadcliffe What was the most challenging part about playing Ig Perrish?
Dan says: Hi @PerryOBree Trying to be as real as possible while dealing with the insane situation.

@LionsgateUK What kind of books do you like to read? Are there any books you would like to recommend? #AskRadcliffe
Dan says: Hi @ThatsSoRenate The master & margarita, and I would also recomend Slaughter-House Five.

#AskRadcliffe what are u dressing up as for Halloween this year
Dan says: Hi @ginnyweasleys Probably as Ig from Horns as I still have the jacket.

@LionsgateUK #AskRadcliffe my son learned to smile watching you on the Autism DVD you contributed to at age 12. What are you most proud of?
Dan says: Hi @QueenNilya That, now... and thank you!

who has been your role model as a child? #AskRadcliffe
Dan says: Hi @Radcliffe23 my parents.

@LionsgateUK #AskRadcliffe which characteristics you share with this new character ?? And could you be friend of him???
Dan says: Hi @krla16 I could definitely be his friend, he has great taste in music and if he wasn't dealing with the Horns would be a really nice guy.

@LionsgateUK what's your personal favourite line from Horns ? :) #AskRadcliffe
Dan says: Hi @sainteclaudia There's one moment in the film I say "One thing i've got in my favour, i'm really f***ing hard to kill" #AskRadcliffe

@LionsgateUK What was the best piece of advice you've ever received and who gave it to you? #AskRadcliffe Love the range of your roles!! ;o)
Dan says: Hi @goodgirlsinead My father... When you meet somebody, get your hand out first to shake theirs... #AskRadcliffe

The horns quite suit you! Did you keep them once filming finished?
@LionsgateUK #AskRadcliffe
Dan says: Hi @heypoppet I got to keep one set, there were many! #AskRadcliffe

@LionsgateUK What do you admire the most about Juno Temple? #AskRadcliffe
Dan says: Hi @chosen_auror Her fearlessness, her work ethic and generally being a lovely person. She's the best!

@LionsgateUK #AskRadcliffe why do you like being in scary movies
Dan says: Hi @LeahOliviaAva there is satisfaction in filming something knowing that a year later it's going to make people scream! #AskRadcliffe
@LionsgateUK What songs are in your playlist for #Horns ? #AskRadcliffe
Dan says: Hi @chosen_auror @PerfumeGenius @Radiohead and @TheShiversNYC's Lonely Road which ended up on the #HornsMovie soundtrack. #AskRadcliffe

@LionsgateUK Favorite trait or characteristic of your character, Ignatius? #AskRadcliffe #Horns
Dan says: Hi @iamsclTeamJonas, He's a romantic in the truest sense, he's pure of heart. #AskRadcliffe

(yes that's this site mentioned in the following tweet..)
#AskRadcliffe @DanJRadcliffeNL. Would you recommend This movie to someone who's scared of horror movies
Dan says: Hi @JaniHazelGrace Yes, absolutely. It's not all horror, there are elements of comedy and romance in there, too. #AskRadcliffe

@LionsgateUK #AskRadcliffe if you had a chance to play any other character on horns, who would it be?
Dan says: Hi @maruaders I'd probably go with my brother in the movie, terry. #AskRadcliffe

@LionsgateUK #AskRadcliffe what was the most difficult part of the filming for Horns?
Dan says: Hi @maydayradcliffe Driving, I drive in the move but I don't in real life. I've since had lessons and will take a test soon. #AskRadcliffe

What is your biggest fear?
Dan says: Hi @FindTheHorcrux Being buried alive, but that's a rational fear! I don't have any phobias. #AskRadcliffe

@TwitterUK #AskRadcliffe in #HornsMovie you get people to reveal their darkest secrets. Who would you like to do that to in real life?
Dan says: Hi @AlsiB @TwitterUK I can't think of names, but i'm sure there are some politicians we could have some fun with! #AskRadcliffe

Do you think Ig's power is a good or bad one to have?
Dan says: Hi @pagefortyseven I think it's bad, knowing what other people are thinking would be like being able to feel other's pain. No one wants that

@LionsgateUK What would you do if you woke up with real horns? #AskRadcliffe
Dan says: Hi @VeronicaJantoan I would probably avoid all of the people I like so that I wouldn't know what they were really thinking. #AskRadcliffe

#AskRadcliffe What are you looking for when you read a script?
Dan says: Hi @KiwiiChann The chance to do something that I haven't done before. #AskRadcliffe

@LionsgateUK What was it like working with Princess Leia (the snake)? #AskRadcliffe
Dan says: Hi @pisces_regina I love it, she would hang on to me to stay warm. She got that name as she was carried in a Star Wars pillow case.

name 3 actors you haven't worked with but wish to in the future #AskRadcliffe
Dan says: Hi @killianswans George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence (she's so cool!), Jeremy Brett (if time travel is possible.) #AskRadcliffe

That's it from Daniel Radcliffe for #AskRadcliffe, thanks for all of your Q's! Don't miss #HornsMovie in cinemas October 29th.

Photo: Twitter/Lionsgate UK

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