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Guest post: The Top 5 Harry Potter Fanfics

This is a guest post by Movellas

Accio all Harry Potter fans, we have the best fanfic lined up for you!

Seven books, seven movies and a 1,500 word update on Pottermore later and we still can’t get enough! With a loyal fandom of muggles, the Harry Potter series is still going strong, in our hearts and in our fanfiction. There is a lot of HP fanfic out there on the wide old web… so we’ve whittled down a list of our top 5 favourite Harry Potter Movellas for your personal perusement. Enjoy!

1. As It Began

Beautifully written, this story will keep you captivated from beginning til end. Snape is sent, rather than Hagrid, on Harry’s eleventh birthday to once and for all deliver Harry’s Hogwarts letter… ever wondered if one small thing had happened differently, how things could have ended up instead? Well, then…

Get reading!

2. The Hogwarts Games

What happens when you combine two of your favourite book series into one fanfic? This awesomeness. The writer has cleverly created ‘The Hogwarts Games’, a futuristic story which combines the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter with the grit, violence and fear of The Hunger Games series (not that HP is lacking any of that stuff!). Read on as the next generation of the Potter-Weasley clans risk the chance of becoming tributes and ultimately facing death.

Read here!

3. Arielle Potter: Book One

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape. (If you get this reference, you are hereby a legend). This pick of our favourite HP stories focuses on the complicated relationship between Snape and Arielle Potter, the daughter of James and Lily Potter. She’s basically the female version of Harry, the girl who lived. (Yes, gurl power, hurr). Watch as a beautiful and interesting relationship unfurls… it’s not what you’ll expect.

Read here my Snapers.

4. A Dance Through Thyme

There is a whole section of imaginative HP fanfiction dedicated to the Marauder’s era and this story does not disappoint. Hermione finds herself transported by a mystery wizard to the year 1977… wait, there’s a twist - she is suffering from memory loss! What is the reason for Hermione’s enforced time travel? Will she regain her memory in time to understand why she may have been sent back to 1977?

Read here to find out! 

5. Lilies and a Whole Lot of Trouble

We couldn’t end this list without at least one story centred around shipping! Backtrack again to the Marauder’s era, this is the story of Lilly, Harry’s mother, as she is torn between James and Severus. Well, more leaning towards Snape and being pulled by James… but we’ll let you read on to find out! 

If you want more Harry Potter fanfic, then you need to head over to Movellas, which has a whole section dedicated to HP with over 900 stories! In the meantime, we’re leaving via floo powder. Bye!

Words: Zahra Hussain

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