Updated(3): Daniel Radcliffe attends San Diego Comic-Con: Horns trailer and more - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(3): Daniel Radcliffe attends San Diego Comic-Con: Horns trailer and more

Daniel arrived at the San Diego Comic-Con (San Diego Convention Center) in California yesterday -dressed up as Spider-Man- where he promoted Horns together with Alexandre Aja and writer Joe Hill. They did debute the new trailer for Horns which you can see below plus Daniel's interviews during Comic-Con and more. Keep an eye on this post because if more arrives online I will update this post. Here's a photo of him with the cast of Bates Motel.

Update: 27th July 2014. Videos from Kroq radio.
Update: 3rd August 2015. AP video.
Update: 18th July 2017. Cine Premiere shared some photos.

The trailer:

Via Daniel's Google+: Bye bye Toronto and thank you! Until next time. #thefword, Hello San Diego! 

RADiUS-TWC Horns panel: (they did sing Happy Birthday for him). Via Daniel's Google+: #Horns Hall H #sdcc2014 #joehill #alexandreaja (shared via this site's profile). Thanks to Flicks and the City for the full panel video via a Twitter mention.

Interviews: CCTV News, Joblo.com (with a shout out)

Other interviews & photos:
Photos: Entertainment Weekly Radio/ SiriusXM, photo 2. Audio:
Photos: Kroq Radio's The Kevin & Bean Show live broadcast. Audio: podcast

Photos: Some from Movies on Demand. Video: Indiewire
Photo: The Insider
Hitfix video

Photo: MTV snapchat selfie Videos: Daniel Radcliffe reflects on playing the anti-hero, The One Accessory Daniel Radcliffe Will Never Wear


Photo: IGN portrait by Cherie Roberts
Rotten Tomatoes podcast: (Dan at 31:55, a photo here) or listen via iTunes

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