Google+: Daniel Radcliffe: "This is my only verified account on social media"

A new post from Daniel's official Google+ about social media. Many people still seem to believe that Daniel has Twitter and Facebook too and are following fake accounts (and they sadly don't seem to stop coming). I also did set up a post about this before.

To make sure everyone knows that Daniel only has a (verified) Google+ page, the following message has been posted on his page.

Share the message (and/or the URL of this post) to help. Here's the link from this site's page with Dan's post -> click
"Thank you everyone for your support of my Google Plus page. It's a lot of fun and will continue to grow.  I also want to thank you for sharing my posts on your personal pages across G+, Facebook, Twitter and beyond. As you know this is my only verified account on social media. And it's for you. If you're inclined, I'd appreciate your sharing the message so others aren't mislead by fake accounts or wrong information. All the best!" -Dan
The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page

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  1. Dan our superhero.......he is the one and only king in the whole world..Daniel Radcliffe (HARRY POTTER)


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