Updated: Google+: Farewell to the hair extensions (Frankenstein) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated: Google+: Farewell to the hair extensions (Frankenstein)

A new post appeared today on Daniel's official Google+ page. It's a photo (which is taken yesterday according to the photo details) of his removed hair extensions which he had for his role as Igor in 20th Century Fox's Frankenstein. That means principal photography is now done. See also a photo from Paul McGuigan below.

Since it's friday we might be getting a new Letters of Note post too. If that one appears online I'll add it to this post.

Update: 22nd March 2014. A new Letters of Note link was posted online, so here's the link: Satchmo's letter to a fan. Then there's also a photo from Daniel without the extensions.

Goodbye long hair!
Photo from Paul McGuigan (Twitter)

Final Board #Frankenstein
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Photos: Twitter/PaulMcGuigan, Google+/Daniel Radcliffe

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  1. Finally free!!! The photo means this feeling of happiness: he hate long hair, and here we can see it very well!..


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