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Daniel Radcliffe and Twitter? wel that's a NO

I noticed that danradcliffe.com also has made another post about the fact that Dan has NO Twitter account (he has mentioned it many times himself). But many of you still seem to be fooled by @Danieiradciiffe (over 300,000!). So I definitely think it's good to spread it around again also, that's why I decided to post this.

@Danieiradciiffe, @jacobgerson, @danradcliffee, and @DanielRadcliff1 (plus my recently discovered @DanRadPrivate, @DanJRadcliffe89, @DanRadclliffe & @DanielRadclif14) are fakes!. With that it's good to hear that Dan's representatives are aware of these fake accounts (let's hope they will get them all deleted as soon as possible)

And to also end with their quote:
"If and when Dan does join Twitter, you'll read about it here and on other websites, and he will have a little blue 'verified' symbol next to his user name" (remember that!)
So unfollow the fakes if you are following them, and just follow Daniel J Radcliffe Holland! ;)
Spread the word!

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