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IndieLondon's interview with Daniel Radcliffe

Below you find IndieLondon's interview with Daniel in promotion of Kill Your Darlings. With thanks to them for the mention on Twitter. Read the full interview at

Q. When did you first get involved with this project? It’s been a while, hasn’t it?
Daniel Radcliffe: It has been a while. When I was doing Equus in New York, John Krokidas, the director of the film, came and saw it and I think that was what started him considering me for the role. I auditioned for him back then, which would have been about 2009, and was moving forward with it. But then I became unavailable because the filming got pushed back and I had to go off and shoot Harry Potter 6, I guess it would have been. They then re-cast the film with Jesse Eisenberg, Chris Evans and Ben Whishaw but financing fell through again. And when John was re-starting things, he came to me and said: “I know it’s been a while but would you still be up for doing this?” Even though it had been re-cast and somebody else was going to be playing my role, I never quite let go of the film. I never quite let go of the idea because I’d had such a great time working with John just from the preparation sessions together. So, when it came back round I was very excited and ready to start.

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