First on set photos from Frankenstein - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


First on set photos from Frankenstein

A week ago, principal photography did start for Frankenstein, starring Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy, Jessica Brown and recently announced: Andrew Scott. The first on set photos  have been released online, featuring Daniel as Igor with hair extensions. Frankenstein is currently filming on location in Kent’s Historic Dockyard. See photos here.

Photo: unknown


  1. OMGomgomgomg!!!!

  2. I begin to wait for this film!... (those hair are simply terrible, but it's all part of the scene make-up... luckily!)

  3. Although, at this point, in nothing makes me remember the old Igor. I should just limit myself to saying that, decidedly, thus would if were Snape's son, borned and grown under the care of your hands. A very elegant dandy with a melancholic aspect.

  4. :-) Yes, anonymous 4 december, I agree with you! He remember me too Piton's son! However, this Frankenstein it will be a "free" version, not like the traditional films, but only inspirated at the story, with some changes. For this, I'm even more curios of seeing it!


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