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First look: Daniel Radcliffe on The Kumars

I did already post about Daniel's upcoming guest appearance on The Kumars on Facebook. (including a photo from Mary O'Regan, and there is one from Joe Bor) Sky released promos which you can view below. The first episode with Daniel features also guests Chevy Chase and Olivia Colman and will air on Wednesday 15th January, 9pm, Sky 1 HD. Photos via
After being hit hard during the economic downturn, The Kumars are now living in a flat in Hounslow behind the shop that Dad, Ashwin, now runs. Host Sanjeev is divorced from his wife of nearly two years and Ashwin has secured a sponsorship deal that has enabled him to resurrect the family's talk show, which takes place in the living room of their flat. And Grandma Ummi is glad to be back in her natural environment - with celebrities.

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  1. Photo with the old woman who made him "ganascino" (= to give a little pinch on the cheek, in italian language!) is very sweet!


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