David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived UK premiere - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived UK premiere

The Sky UK premiere of David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived the documentary, produced in association with HBO, took place on 16th November. A Q&A took place with executive producer Daniel, David Holmes himself and director Dan Hartley. Daniel joined from New York via Zoom. There are quotes via express.co.uk and variety.com.


“I had always wanted to do something about Dave because I wanted to share him with the world for the person that he is. And Dave’s natural humility meant that he was kind of unsure about that for a while — he wanted to make something broader about stunts in general. But eventually, I sort of convinced him that he should be front and center of it,”
 Some Harry Potter co-stars attended the event.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Sky has not released any footage online but there is some on X.

Photos: Twitter/Leila Makki, Getty Images

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