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The Lost City: makeup

An Instagram post by Adam Walls describing the makeup process for Daniel as Fairfax in The Lost City.

What can one say about the amazing #danielradcliffe? Not only is he an amazing actor and lovely human being, but in #TheLostCity he depicts Abigail Fairfax as equal parts classy, funny and unhinged. For that reason, getting to do his #makeup on this film was an absolute delight.

With makeup direction from the extremely talented @fredrikszrobin, and beard cutting and styling by myself, we had a challenge in keeping him looking pristine in the jungles of the #dominicanrepublic. But we were up to the #challenge!

We started the design of his makeup early on with a #photoshopdesign that at least gave us a direction to take his look. Look at the last picture to see what we were initially aiming for.

Once we locked in the design and started filming, I realized that there were two things that I really liked the about this makeup. The first was that we kept his #beard as well groomed as we could get it. The idea was that not a hair on his beard was ever out of place. That was fun to manage and achieve especially when you’re out in the elements! Secondly, I really liked how much Fairfax’s perfection breaks down in the third act of the film. Creating a characters broken down look is always a blast!

It was a pleasure handling this makeup day in and day out. Plus when you are surrounded by such great folks such as @fredrikszrobin and Daniel Radcliffe, it makes each day amazing!
Photo: Instagram/Adam Walls

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