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The Lost City: Now playing in the US

So here's a post with the latest updates on The Lost City. It's out now in cinemas in the US. You can get tickets via Below a Tweet from the film's social media campaign. And TV clips you could have missed: clip 1 / clip 2 / clip 3 / clip 4. Twitter promotion:
On set photo with stunt double via Instagram:

USA Today interview, features a new photo (video is added to another post):

A villain named Abigail Fairfax doesn't exactly scream Voldemort for evildoer street cred. Did you call your agent when you found out your character's name? 

Daniel Radcliffe: I found it funny, especially when Abigail Fairfax describes it as a gender-neutral name. But the thing was, the film staff would check us all into hotels in the Dominican Republic under our character names. So the hotel staff would be calling me Abigail. I would have to tell them, 'It's Dan. Please call me Dan.'

For more visit the article link above. There is another photo shared by Robert Hanashiro on Facebook.
Photo: Twitter/The Lost City

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