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Première magazine: 20 years of Harry Potter special (FR)

French Première magazine's July/August 2021 issue is a special about 20 years of Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter à l'École des Sorciers) was released in France on 5th December 2001.

The magazine is out now. A summary:

1. A timeline recalling the highlights of these two decades
2. A long story behind the scenes of the saga told by Chris Columbus (the director of the first two films), Stuart Craig (the production designer), Alfonso Cuaron (the director of Prisoner of Azkaban), David Heyman (the producer of the films), Jane Jenkins (the casting director), Mike Newell (the director of Goblet of Fire), Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and David Yates (the director of Harry Potter 5 to 7 - Part 2, and Fantastic Beasts).
3. A "yearbook" retracing in photos the years at Hogwarts
4. A Complete Guide to Harry Potter, Film by Film
5. A portfolio commented by the designers of MinaLima

The anniversary special also features a quiz and posters.

Gaël Golhen, editor-in-chief on reporting on the set of the fourth film:
"But once the door to the Leavesden studios was pushed open, the magic worked full blast. The charm of Daniel Radcliffe, the intelligence and sensitivity of David Heyman and the infectious fantasy of Mike Newell: I had just fallen in love with the saga"

"Twenty years later, we wanted to know if the flame was still burning. Hence this issue that goes back to the school of wizards. We watched the films, remade history and traveled the universe again, (well) accompanied. And you know what ? The magic is still there".


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